Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Love Telemarketers

I have a new found affection towards telemarketers. I promise that the next time one calls I will thank them for my discovery day (d-day). I am not being sarcastic. My discovery day began yesterday afternoon with a call from a telemarketer.

I was sitting in my cubicle, minding my own business, when I received a call from a telemarketer on my cell phone. Of course my phone is on the Do Not Call List so I decided to check my cell phone provider's website so I could make a complaint against the telemarketer, and that is when I found it. A hundred calls logged in my husband's line from this one number. For almost the entire month of April, the total minutes to/from this number was 468, totaling about 60% of all his phone minutes (yes, I calculated it). And about 75% of all text messages sent were to this number (the cell phone provider for some reason doesn't provide incoming text message details).

Stage one after d-day: Denial.

I thought, maybe it's his mom? But it wasn't. Or one of his brothers? No dice. Maybe his work? Wrong again. So not finding the answer I did a reverse search on whitepages and the number was tied to a cell phone but that is all the website gave. So I paid about $5 for an people information type website for it to spit out a name. It gave me one that is un-google-able.

I spend the rest of the workday crying, denying it, crying some more. Reviewing and brooding over the minute call list on the cell phone provider's website. Here are some of the patterns I noticed:
1. Calls range from 1 minute to 38 minutes.
2. Calls are made/received between 7 am to 9 pm.
3. The calls began sometime in late February.
4. He calls/texts multiple times a day.
5. For the past week, he has been overly affectionate (one of the signs of cheating) so he would call me two to three times on my way to work. But he would call her first, then me, then her, then me again, repeat.
6. He calls as soon as I am out of the house, either working or walking the dog, etc.
7. He calls her as soon as he is out of the house. Last night, he went at 8:47pm to "play soccer" (not sure I really believe him). He called her as soon as he was in his car.
8. He texts her constantly! Even when I am around.

Here are some other things I noticed:
1. He hides his phone in a way I can't see when he is texting. Before he would usually just text in front of me.
2. He closes websites when I walk by and becomes nervous.
3. He receives text messages late and doesn't check them right away. He waits until he goes to the bathroom/kitchen/living room/office to check them.
4. I reviewed his phone. She has sent him picture messages, but I have not been able to see them.
5. He googled "married and in love with someone else."
6. His birthday was in March and he received a very expensive perfume and aftershave from a "coworker."
7. He bought one or two gifts totaling $88 for one or two coworkers' birthdays in April.
8. He spent all afternoon on Saturday helping a "coworker" move. He needs to spend all day Sunday helping "coworker" move again.
9. He goes straight to the computer when he comes home and does not get off the computer until 11 pm.
10. He recently discovered the landline phone and has it next to the computer in the office.
11. Recently he has been so much more affectionate than usual and we talk a whole lot less.

When I got home, I managed to install a key logger software on the computer. I may not have until Friday to view activity though. Here's hoping I find something a little more concrete.

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